Sunday, September 12, 2010

Where have I been????

Yes, missing in action would be one way to put it. I chose to be away from the computer as much as possible over the summer and absolutely loved it. I've spent a lot of time at the pool, reading, crocheting and just enjoying life. My daily bible reading (reading the bible in a year) I am still really enjoy it. I must say I am so proud of myself for sticking to it. I guess I have let life get in the way in the past and I am making it a priority. It is amazing how much you can learn when you read through it all.

I have recently acquired a new job during the day which I was ecstatic about. I have been working evenings for ten years mostly to allow myself to be home for my girls. Now that the youngest is in middle school I have been wanting to get back to no more working weekends and holidays. I was hired right on the spot at a home health care business as a scheduler. The job is wonderful and the owner is an absolute wonderful christian woman. It was a true blessing from God to get this job. A friend from work heard about the job and gave me the number to call. I have in the mean time been prayerfully asking God to provide me a way to be home more for my family. To build my resume back up I started working a temp job. I went on an interview a friend told me about previously mentioned and within 10 minutes I was hired. Couldn't believe it!!! The owner was even laughing and shaking her head she never hires anyone that quickly. I must say God is the answer to prayer and he works in his own way. Over 500 people applied for this job previous to my coming in to interview. That, my friends is a powerful God. So I have been working both jobs just for now just to help pay off bills quicker and have extra for Christmas.
I am so happy, and so is my family. I pray I can stop by more and say hello and provide a nugget of Godly moments more often.

Going from 25 hrs a week working to about 52 hours is quite a difference. I am learning to juggle laundry, grocery shopping and housework so my computer time is down to nil. I pray your lives have felt the blessings of our mighty God.

Blessings to all, Angie