Sunday, March 7, 2010

I have lost it!

Don't be too alarmed, I haven't lost my mind but feel like I have! LOL. Actually I have lost my cell phone. I am not a freak to texting or using it all the time. I just fear someone else getting a hold of it and using it as their own.

I know I need to call my provider and report it lost so that can't happen. I even used my house phone and called my cell phone # embarassing amount of times hoping to hear it ring. Even went outside in the complete dark to my car and held my ear inside the car to hopefully hear my awesome little jingle. To no avail it wasn't even heard in the trunk or sticking my head in the coat closet.

Jesus I know would stop anything to find you and me if we were lost, according to the Bible he would leave the flock to find the one sheep that is lost. How reasuring is that! We all get lost in some point in our lives. Wether it is in the beginning in our walk with God or years into it. We all fall short of the glory of God. That is why we need Jesus. I may give up trying to find my phone if it seems helpless but knowing that is not an option for Jesus with the children of God that is a glorious blessing to all!

See how just simple everyday things in life can teach you about our wonderful Father in Heaven? I know I have more worth than a cell phone, even the bill it brings every month! Praise God today for his little reminder He is always there, no search team required, and He listens after the first ring!

Blessings, angie

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