Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Psalm 32:8

If ever you need words of encouragement or words to live by always read Psalms or Proverb's. The "middle of the Bible" really "talks" to me on many occasions.

Within the last year I have closed my business which entailed selling handmade items (primitive dolls, etc.) to shops around the country. With many shops going out of business due to a sagging economy doors have closed for good. I think I was ready myself because it truly took many hours away from my family.

I lost a dear nephew (17 yrs old) in a car accident this last summer. My stay at home mom "best friend" that I did business with has moved on to a day job. No lunches together or fun day trips here and there, or even a great chic flick movie day. My life has changed. Through change, which is a great way to say God is pruning, I am reflecting on how these changes have affecting my daily life, my new purpose so to say.

I am happy to report that through the loss of my nephew last summer, I put my family 1st again above many things it did not before. You don't know how long they are on this earth. Closing my business did free up a lot of time. My house thanks me too because it is kept up so much better.

I even worked part time at a restaurant in the evenings which made no time at all with creating during the day to spend with my family. I would stand up eating while hot gluing or eat while sewing. Now that is over I am so glad that a new opportunity has come in my life. TIME!!! What do I do with my time?

Besides getting more into reading my bible I have felt the need in my life to serve. It is like this quiet voice of God is telling me to go in this direction. This new light in my life has brought much joy. I have enjoyed a new life project making prayer shawls. My girlfriend who is working days now is doing in home health care. I gave her a shawl a few days ago in a pretty bag with a card of encouragement and letting them know I will be praying for them. She has the special task of listening to her call of that special someone she shall give it to. I have requested she take a photo of the special lady with the shawl on so that I may think and pray for her when I see her photo. It brings much joy to hear the voice of God in doing this.

I would love to serve in bigger ways someday, but we will see where God takes me. I do have a passion for helping others. I went to my first Women's Conference this last fall called Extraordinary Women's Conference. It changed my life. I would love to reach out like those speakers and authors. I don't know if that is God's plan for me, I will continue to pray for guidance. There are classes of instruction on DVD that is offered. They cost alot so my hesitation is my hold back right now. I will again, pray for God to provide what I shall do. Which brings me to
Psalm 32:8. I read this in my daily emailed devotional and it spoke so loudly to me. I pray it has great deep meaning for you as well. Blessings all! ~Angie

Psalm 32:8
I will instruct you and teach you in the
way you should go;
I will counsel you and watch over you.


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  2. I'll return and read your blog more closely. We are neighbors (met on the Webinar). I left b'cause sound wasn't good for the concert. I have stuff all day today so will only be able to check in sporadically, but I'm very excited about finding bloggers nearby. Hopefully, one day we can arrange a meeting of several at a Higher Grounds, or something????


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