Monday, May 3, 2010

Exemplify Online Magazine

If you are like me, you love to read, and there is nothing better to read that encouragement in your walk with God. The 1st online conference I attended through A Woman Inspired ( you can find the link to the right) was so wonderful. I was so motivated to draw deeper in my relationship with the Lord and it was incredible how those speakers spoke of many facets of your life that was so spiritually meaningful. I learned so much about understanding how to apply scripture in my daily life and uncovering the meaning and impact it can make.

It was through this online conference that the speaker Kristen Schiffman spoke about being a weary woman. If you visit her site Exemplify Online you will find a wealth of great articles that can be sent to you everyday. They create an online magazine once a month that is absolutely wonderful. The May issue just came out and you can find it HERE . You can read previous months as well. Exemplify Onlines' mission is "to encourage women to live lives to Glorify Christ" it can't get any better than that! She has also spoke more on weariness on AWI radio show that you can download available on the site as well and you can find them HERE . These are one of the many shows that I listen to on my ipod when I am multitasking around the house.

I encourage you today to visit this great site, put it in your favorites, maybe even sign up for the newsletter on articles that are life changing. The more resources in our lives that point us to the word of God, the better.

May your day be filled with encouragement, love and joy!
Blessings, Angie

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