Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Good Morning Girls Group

I have started my second week of being a part of a group called the Good Morning Girls . It is an opportunity I am so excited about. I yearn for closer connections to other women of faith and having a daily Monday through Friday connection through email is just amazing.

In short it is a group of ladies that email each other about what they learned in their daily bible reading. Encouragement, prayers and learning from others has been the bountiful blessings I have received in just my first week. It is such a great idea for sure, we all need accountability and wisdom in the word and what better way to do it than with some other ladies.

My group is from all over the United States which is awesome. Do you have a bible study you meet with or an online bible study you take part in? I highly encourage you do to so! It is life changing and what I enjoy most about it is that you get more than your once a week fill up at church service. Fuel for the soul they say and I truly believe your soul needs fed just as much as your tummy! You can never over feed your soul. Who ever heard I need to go on a soul diet??? Does my soul make my butt look big???? ( sorry if this offends anyone) You know you've said it a time or two or thought it. (wink, wink)

I think I will start sharing my "Aha" moments from my scripture reading like I do with my Good Morning Girls group. What a better way to pound it in my head more, lol. Don't we all need that good swift kick once in awhile from the word? Amen to that!

Until next time,
blessings to all~ Angie

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